Offering Extensive Cocktail and Sake Menus


Sake Margarita 9
Sake, Grand Marnier, lime Juice, blended, garnish with salt rim

Tokyo Tea 9
Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, melon liqueur, splash of sour mix

Sake Sangria 9
Sake, red wine, triple sec, cranberry Juice, orange Juice

Mango Tango 9
Three olives mango, Malibu coconut, cranberry, pineapple Juice

Lychee-Tini 9
Tito’s vodka, lychees, lychee Syrup

Lychee Mojito 9
Real fruit lychees and fresh mint, rum, simple syrup

Pomelicious 9
Pomegranate liqueur, Bacardi, lychee syrup, pineapple Juice


Gekkeikan 8oz Carafe served heated or chilled 8
Round, smooth and well balanced medium-full body

Tanuki Sake Cup 200ml 12
Dry with refeshingly crisp finished, enjoyed heated or chilled

Japan’s Premium Sake
Sparkling Sake Hana Fuga 18
Sweetness of bright peach flavors, served in a 250ml bottle
Carafe 4oz/8oz/B

Genbeisan No Onikoroshi 8/15
“Demon Slayer” light and dry with smooth taste

Ozeki Karatanba Honjozo 9/17
Sharp dry taste and refined clearness

Suijin Junmai “God of Water” 11/21/60
Dry sake full of taste, powerful favor of rice, and a sharpness

Ozeki Nigorizake Junmai 6/11
Milky unfiltered sake mildly

Hakushika “Snow Beauty” Nigori 9/17/48
Non-filtered sake with rice flavor and mellow finish

Ginkoubai Hannaya Tou “Hot plum” 13/25/70
“Hot Plum sake” This sake based sweet plum liqueur infused with real
chili pepper. The bold spicy flavor spreads through your mouth!

Charm Soju (Korea) 15


Asahi 6
Corona 6
Chimay Rouge 8
Heineken 6
Kirin Ichiban 6
Singha 6
Blue Moon 5
Yards Pale Ale 5
Yards Brawler 5
Yuengling Lager 5
Sapporo Premium Black (22 oz.) 10

Sapporo 6
Allagash White 7
Dog Fish 60min IPA 7


RED   glass/bottle
Stella Merlot, 7

Chateau Julien Merlot 12/46
San Lucas, CA

Terranoble Cab-Sauvignon 9/35

Renacer Punto Final Malbec 9/35

Dom Brunet Pinot Noir 9/35

Black’s Station Red Blend 10/38
Zamora, CA

Yalumba Galway Vintage 12/46
Shiraz, Barossa, Australia

Stella Pinot Grigio, Italy 7/27

Tilia Chardonnay, Argentina 10/38

Stella Mascato, Italy 9/35

J Portugal Rose, Portugal 8/30

Plum Wine, Japan 8

Please drink responsibly, IDs are required for purchase of alcoholic beverages. Staff reserves the right to refuse drink service due to over-consumption.